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Classes in Muay Thai Boxing, Western Boxing,
Functional Training & Fitness, & Body Weight Exercise

Muay Thai Classes, Boxing & Fitness in Glasgow City Center!

BoxFit Glasgow has a NEW location; 26b Renfield Street (top & middle buzzers)

We have just expanded and about to launch our new gym with an amazing location in the centre of Glasgow, which is full of new fitness toys and great facilities to create a great training environment to help you meet your individual fitness goals.

But what we really value, is your valuable time and creating an awesome personal training experience for you!

We know that everyone is too busy these days, so our sessions are quick and intense, to help you get the results you want with minimal impact on your schedule.

At BoxFit you will not be left lost on a gym floor, everything involves a personal experience between you and your coach, and we aim to provide the same quality of service to everyone whether you are training in a personal session or as part of a class.

Our classes are very exclusive and we restrict the class sizes to ensure that you still get a lot of personal attention from our coaches, you are not just a number, you are part of the team.

Of course if you would rather train with one of our coaches privately or with another 3 the members of the team and have the entire session tailored to help meet your personal goals, we can arrange that at a time that is convenient to you.

We have no joining fee's and we have a new class schedule and membership scheme launching in a matter of weeks, but until then, why not come along and try a class for free!

Contact Us to book your free trial session now.

BoxFit Boxing & Fitness Gym

Functional Training & Fitness Classes

At the heart of BoxFit gym is the intention to make every member more athletic, to help you develop a fitter and stronger body, that can move better to improve your quality of life. Some of the core training areas that are involved in our classes are:

Boxing and Muay Thai Boxing Classes

Boxing and Muay Thai Boxing is a great way to burn fat in a fun way. Members will learn to box, kick and knee a range of bags and pads for a satisfying and exhausting work out.

Muay Thai Boxing Classes

Kettlebell Classes

Kettlebells have become incredibly popular in the fitness industry recently, as they can provide a total body resistance workout, which are dynamic in nature. This means that they allow you to work combinations of muscles to again allow you to move better, be stronger and encourage good posture.

Kettlebells Classes

TRX & Bodyweight Exercise Classes

We utilise traditional bodyweight exercises to provide weight training that is relative to you, allowing you to do exercises that can make a real difference in your general life. We also use TRX, which is a brand of suspension training straps, which has incredible versatility to allow you to work any area of your body and change the intensity of the exercise.

TRX & Body Weight Exercise Classes

Power Lifting Classes

For those members wishing to really improve athletically in terms of speed and power, power lifting can really help give you the edge.

Evening Classes

After Work-out Fitness Classes

Is a new class aimed at city centre workers who want to get a quick, intense and effective workout after work and get on with the rest of their night.

6:10 – 7:00pm (Monday and Wednesday)
7:15 – 8:15pm (Friday)

Please contact us if you would like to book a place in this class.

Muay Thai and Boxing Class (Mixed)

This is a mixed class with beginners through to experienced martial artists. These classes will help you master the basics of this exciting stand-up martial art and also give you an intense workout.

7:15 – 8:15pm (Monday to Thursday)

Muay Thai Fighters Class

BoxFit is home to the POS Fight Team, where we put our training and coaching methods to the test. Anyone with significant experience in the mixed class and who has the drive and dedication to want to compete will be invited to join this class.

8:00 – 9:30pm (Monday to Thursday)

You do not require any equipment to take part, only something comfortable to wear like Shorts and T-Shirt and most people train barefoot as the gym is fully matted.

Remember, first class is free so come along and give it a shot.

Small Group and Personal Training Classes

At BoxFit, we value the importance of that personal touch when training, which is why our classes have a very low coach to member ratio.

We know through years of experience that Personal Training is the best way to ensure our clients meet their individual goals.

If you would like to train on a one-to-one or a small group basis please contact us.

Personal Training is available at a time convenient to you.

Small Group Fitness and Personal Training Fitness

Contact BoxFit Gym

26b Renfield Street (top & middle buzzers)