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At the heart of BoxFit is the intention to make every member healthier and more athletic, to essentially improve your quality of life and to do so in a fun way.

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy and in today's world, it is easy to get information to guide you and there are many budget gyms around which provide great facilities at a bargain price. The problem is everyone is too busy to research the latest training methods, perhaps not confident enough to walk up to the squat rack and quite frankly, for many its hard to motivate yourself to spend hours in the gym alone.

Our solution is group classes before and after office hours, structured in 6 week blocks to help you set timely goals and monitor your progression. The bootcamps are ideal to give you a strong foundation of technique to go into a general gym with confidence, give you an intense jumpstart towards your fitness goals or just provide a fun environment to train in. These sessions generally involve a mobility and activation warmup, some element of strength training, before high intensity interval training to give you a quick cardio blast to finish.

You just have to commit to the bootcamp in the specific slot that suits your schedule and we provide the knowledge and motivation to help push you through each intense workout. We make a fun and dynamic environment with constantly changing and evolving training methods to keep it interesting. We might use power lifting, kettle bells, TRX suspension training, bagwork, ropes, bodyweight exercises... essentially using a variety of different tools to keep your body developing and keep the workout fun and intense.

The outcome is a healthier and more athletic you, with some new friends who have shared your fitness journey. You can then perhaps drop back in for another block at a later date or decide to boost your training, or keep going with the bootcamps as your main means of training.

These classes are limited in terms of numbers, so your coach won't have more than 16 people in a class if everyone is in attendance, you have an exclusive slot, so you can be assured you'll have plenty of attention. But if you would like Personal Training, please Contact Us

Class Schedule

 Monday - Friday
7:40amBoxFitCamp  - Female
BOXFITCAMPA 6 week block of short intense sessions, that are designed to make you strong and lean with the least impact on your busy day. Open to all.
(Female Only)
The same 6 week structure and content as the BOXFITCAMP, but for only female members.

Starting in February we will be launching with the morning bootcamp at 7:10am and morning bootcamp at 6:10amMonday to Friday, with the 7:40am and 5:10pm session added in the 2nd block. You will do an intense session and within half an hour be ready head to the changing rooms to get showered ahead of work or to head home to enjoy the rest of your evening.

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