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Muay Thai

At BoxFit our real specialty is Muay Thai, which is a great way to have a full body workout whilst having fun. It involves boxing, kicks, knees, elbows and a standup wrestling known as clinch to create an intense workout which is hard to compare to. Some of our members prefer to focus on boxing which is not a problem, however in general, Muay Thai really works all limbs and tends to be the more popular option.

We have an unusual means of training where our coaches and fighters are heavily involved in the development of the newer members. This means you do not take another inexperienced member for the padwork sessions and vice versa, you are actually paired with an experienced pad holder who can properly coach you through the techniques. The problem with this is that it is hard to scale up, therefore we have decided to make these classes exclusive and limit membership. Meaning that you don't have to worry about there not being space for you or that you will get lost in a large number of members with no real coaching. At BoxFit even in our classes you will have plenty of coaching input and you will become part of the team.

Unlimited Membership (Mon-Sat) - 6 Month
(Exclusive access to classes Mon-Sat, where we restrict class numbers to ensure quality coaching.)
after 6 months
£70 after 12 months
Set Membership (Mid-week split sessions)£60
Mon & Wed + Fri & Sat Classes
Tues & Thurs + Fri & Sat Classes
Casual Weekly Pass (Mon-Sat)£25
New Member 2 Week Trial Pass (Mon-Sat)£30

Muay Thai

7:00 – 8:00pm (Monday to Friday, and starting February 10am-11am Saturday)

This is a class for all levels with beginners through to experienced fighters, with a combination of the technical elements of the sport and intense interval training which is hard to compare to. The class schedule will generally be split between one-on-one padwork where you essentially get a mini-PT with one of the more experienced members of the team, technical drills where you expand your skillset and conditioning workouts where we will push the limits of your fitness.

Class Schedule

Muay Thai10am7pm
Padwork5 rounds of one-on-one Padwork with an experienced member of the team to coach you specific to your level, plus 15mins bagwork and conditioning.
TechnicalFocusing on new skills, techniques and strategies where you will practice with a partner for 6 rounds of Padwork, then 25mins of bagwork routines.
FitnessAn intense fitness session which will change regularly but based around Bagwork and Functional Fitness Interval training.

Muay Thai +

8:00 – 9:00pm (Monday to Friday, and starting February 11am-12am Saturday)

BoxFit is home to the POS Fight Team, but even if you have no intention to compete but want to train with the fight team with an element of controlled contact and sparring then the fighters class is perfect. The class schedule will generally be split between the same one-on-one padwork and technical drills we will be teaching in the first class, but with technical sparring and clinching.

Class Schedule

Muay Thai+11am8pm
Padwork5 rounds of one-on-one Padwork with an experienced member of the team to coach you specific to your level, plus 15mins bagwork and conditioning.
TechnicalFocusing on new skills, techniques and strategies but practiced through Sparring drills (Gumsheild & Shin guards required) and Clinching (standup wrestling).
SparringSport specific fitness conditioning through Sparring and clinching with the POS Fight Team, open to all levels and abilities (Gumsheild and Shin Guards required).

You do not require any equipment to take part, only something comfortable to wear like Shorts and T-Shirt and most people train barefoot as the gym is fully matted. After your trial period, we would expect you to get your own gloves and if in the Muay Thai + class you would need some protective equipment such as gumsheild and shin guards.

Please note that both the BOXFITCAMP & BOXFIT+ classes are open to all levels, beginners to fighters, with similar technical content in each, the difference being the level of contact to practise them.

Beginners will not be expected to hold for 1on1 padwork initially, but with the aim to develop them through to Intermediate level so they can hold for new Beginners and then hit pads with one of the sensors.

The days for the PADWORK & TECHNICAL sessions will alternate each week, this allows for a more all-rounded experience for those with set schedules as we can then vary everyones training to maximise development.

For New Members a 2week trial is only £30 so Contact Us to book.

Private sessions are also available during the day and can be scheduled at a convenient time to you, for more information see Small Group & Personal Training.

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