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Personal Training & Private Training

At BOXFIT, we know through years of experience that PRIVATE TRAINING is a great way to ensure our clients meet their individual goals. The problem is that Private Training is the most expensive option and unless you can afford to train with a coach throughout the week, are you going to be able to put in the extra work when training alone to ensure you maintain your goals?

Anyone can go on Google and quickly find sound training advise, technique, nutrition advice and most things people need to improve their fitness, what most come to a trainer for is for motivation, accountability and for someone to bring all that information together and use their experience to structure it to meet your goals.

Personal Training

A great solution is Personal Training within a small group of up to 4 max. This means you are sharing the cost of personal training, so hopefully you can train more regularly and therefore more likely to meet your goals, whilst still getting plenty of attention and also sharing the experience with other members of the team who can share your journey.

Sometimes it can feel daunting and lonely to aim for a fitness goal, but the truth is most people have been in that situation, and working in a small group can often bring the motivation and accountability to a new level.

If you have your own Set Group of 4 people, a 50min Personal Training session is £60. If you do not have a group and are happy to be placed in an Open Group with 3 other members it is £20 each for the 50min session.

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Private Training

If you really enjoy Muay Thai or Boxing and want special attention from the coaches or even just want to go over the intricate techniques details or smash the pads, we also do Private Training. We have produced many world class fighters, whilst also taking even the most unlikely of fighters to victory in the boxing ring, so whether you have aspirations to compete, or are simply just bored of hitting the weights and machines in the gym, this is a great way to keep your training fun.

This one-to-one session with the coach is £40 for a 50min session, or £25 for a half session, ideal for an intense session on your lunch break.

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